Jaw dropping tattoo art

Tattoos used to be something didn’t go with the “ordinary” people of a society. It represented pariases, anarchy, gang members, even stigmatised individuals. Nowadays this attitude have changed. artists are well known for its work and the “ordinary” people mark themselves permanently with a piece of work that looks like a jewel always “stuck” on their body.

Jade Tomlinson and Kev James of  Expanded Eye are two artists that tattoo is only a piece of their creative pursues. They split their time between London and Thonon-les-Bains in France where they have a variety of artistic creations including street , illustrations, installation and, of course, tattoos. Kev James is the one who does the ink work and with his partner finalize the body creations with typography and delicate geometry elements. The result is a body that doesn’t differ from a painting canvas.

Some examples of their work below and more of their work here.

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